Quick Schedule

upcoming Event
Sept 8th

Poker @ 7:45pm

Upcoming Event
Oct 6th


No Limit

Full Bar

Lets Get Back To Tournament Poker

No Points, No Free-Rolls, No WSOP Seats
Just Poker!

New buy-in structure details:
Buy-In - $60 (20,000 chips)
Re-Buys - $40 (optional / 1st 80 minutes for 20k chips)
20% of the field makes the money

Start time - 7:45PM

If you want to play a GREAT Poker Tournament, come on over!

Food and Check-In @ 7:15PM
Cards in the air @ 7:45PM

One of Our Recent Winners

Mark H S7 Event 20 Winner

Mark H S7 Event 20 Winner

10%-12% held for Food, Beverage & Setup
UFC & Boxing will be funded by Voluntary contributions
Tips are appreciated and cover Dealer expenses


Last updated: 9/4/12

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Dragons Poker Game

Welcome To Season 8
Back to "Just Poker"

Events every 3-4 weeks
Good People
Good Poker
Good Times
Good Payouts

20,000 Starting Chips

20 min Levels

Come play some great poker with an amazing group of people
We've got
"Utah" and her group from St. George
"The Pharump Boys"
"The Reapers" from Creech
"ADI Boys"
"The Original 4"
We've got all the players that haven't been given a silly group name

In 8 years we have had over 400 different players come to this great home game

Thank you from the Dragon